Monday, 28 December 2015

2016 Blogging Goals!

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I've seen quite a few other people doing goals for 2016 in terms of their blog and YouTube channels and I thought I would do the same. Most of the time, I try to keep my goals away from the internet, that way I don't get disappointed if I don't meet them.

Anyway without further ado, here are my 2016 Blogging Goals;

1. Get up to 6000 page views!
2. Finally start up my YouTube channel properly. 
3. Start a YouTube collab channel.
4. Complete a whole month of blogging! (Literally my biggest goal right now.)
5. Improve on blog photos.
6. Make more fashion posts.

I think all of my goals are doable but I guess we shall see!

I hope you all have enjoyed the holiday season and I will see you next time!

Bee xox

Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I got for Christmas (2015)

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This year I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas, and even after writing out a Christmas wishlist, I still wasn't too sure what I wanted to ask for. 

Before I carry on though, I would just like to make it clear that I am incredibly grateful for everything that I received this year. I enjoy reading other peoples 'What I Got For Christmas' posts but I understand that they're not everybody. If you are one of those people that isn't terribly keen on reading about other people presents then it's probably best you click away now. However, if you don't mind it, then by all means just keep reading.

I got some Moleskin notebooks with squared paper! I love Moleskin notebooks and I am super happy with these because I can now start doing my journals properly and I am very excited about that. To go alongside my notebooks, I also received a dip pen with various nibs and a pot of black ink by Winsor & Newton. 

I got a gorgeous new coat and jumper from Forever 21. You may be hearing more about the coat at later date in a future post! The jumper is just a simple red/plum colour. It's great as just an everyday item and for those comfy days that everyone needs once in a while. 

And finally, new makeup!!! I received the W7 In the buff: Lightly Toasted eye shadow palette and I also got an Illamasqua eye shadow quad, which I wore on Christmas day because I was so excited to try it out. I only have two other high end makeup products (Benefit's Hoola Bronzer and a MAC lipstick) so this is really exciting for me. 

That's all for today. Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it. I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas :)

Bee xox

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19: Society6 and more!!!

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Hello everyone!

Just a very quick update for you all. I have recently joined Society6!!! I know I already have my Redbubble account but I want a place specifically to sell my photography.

Unfortunately I'm unable to sell them by myself because I don't have a very good printer and I also don't have a lot time, especially with college getting busier day by day! 

I have also joined Facebook! I'm not quite sure what I'm doing just yet but I'm getting there... 
The page that I've made is surrounding my photography. I wanted a simple place where I could upload my work where most people will see it. 

So I apologise for the very boring post filled with updates that most of you probably won't care too much about. The next post I promise will be a good one!

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it!

Bee xox

Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas day 14: Makeup of the Day

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Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to wear makeup! This doesn't usually happen on college days - let alone on Mondays... So I decided to embrace it and get out my makeup bag!

In the mornings, I am a mess so I didn't bother with sorting my face out, I just wanted to do a really pretty eye look.

I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo by Eye Studio in the shade 'pink-gold' all over my eyelid up to where my crease just ends. I then used a matte brown shade from The Nudes palette to add some depth to my eyes. To finish the look off, I used the Lash Sensational also by Maybelline. 

To create this look, I used my finger for the all over lid shade - simply because it's a cream eye shadow and therefore a little bit easier to apply. To blend everything together, I used my Real Techniques eye brush. 

That's all for today, thank you all for reading. I really appreciate it!

Bee xox

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winter Essentials 2015 (Blogmas Day 12)

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It's now December - in case you weren't aware - and winter is well and truly here. That means for me that it's time to make some changes in terms of beauty and accessories. 

First of all, like many of us, my lips get very dry and my new go to lip balm is the Burt's Bees 'beeswax lip balm'. I bought this from Amazon and it was very very cheap! I did try and buy the tube version but they were classified as 'add-on items', which was very frustrating but maybe next time. I usually apply this at night time and before I put on a matte lipstick. I'm not sure about the other flavours and scents but with this particular one, it makes your lips tingle as if you've been eating something minty!

This time of year I am all about dark vampy lipstick! My favourite one at the moment is Topshop's 'suspected'. Apart from the fact that this lipstick is the WORST to apply, I really like colour and I think it's incredibly longwearing. I do own two other lipsticks from Topshop, but this one is most definitely my favourite. I don't think I'll wear this on Christmas day - but I'll most likely be applying this at least once during the festive season. 

Along with dark lips, I also like simple make-up looks. Recently I bought Colour Tattoo by Eye Studio. I wear this all over my eye-lid and then put a matte shade in the crease and voila! I'm done!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed today's post. Apologies for not being able to keep up with Blogmas, this month has been crazy busy at college and I decided to put that as a priority. After Wednesday, daily posts will most likely resume!

Thank you all reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Jumpers!

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Christmas related clothing are one of my favourite types of fashion simply because I think they look absolutely ridiculous! I love to see people wearing Christmas jumpers because they look so happy with themselves and their quirky outfit. 

Now, I do have a confession... I have never owned - or even wore - a Christmas jumper but this year I want to change that! I want to buy the cringiest, most ridiculous Christmas jumper and wear it on Christmas day!

...Well we haven't heard that one before.

How incredibly punny... (I'm funny, okay?!)

I thought that this one was just mean!

I have noticed a theme this year with having the word 'Elfie' on your jumper this year! However, I felt these two were most definitely my favourites. I especially like the hashtag! Although, I did think that we were over having hashtags on clothing... But I guess I was wrong.

I don't think I want to talk about this one. 

Anyway that's it for today! Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it,

Bee xox 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Wish List

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So it's finally December (what the hell???) and that means it's almost Christmas! Although my mother has been asking what I want since September... I think I finally know. 

When I was younger I heard that as you grow up, you'll no longer get the gifts that you want... but much rather the things you need! However, I am going to change that this year! 

  1. Moleskin Notebooks! (Seriously these are the cutest notebooks in the world!)
  2. Expensive makeup (I'm not going to get this, I know that.)
  3. More flannels! (Take a wild guess.)
  4. New shoes! (Okay, so I do need these...)
  5. Lots of books!
So that's about it! I don't expect to get everything I ask for because I think that's ever so slightly unreasonable.

I'm very sorry for the short post, I never really know what to say in these wish list posts but I'm sure I'll get there one day!

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox

Friday, 27 November 2015

British Fashion Awards fashion "review"!

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I am 100% late on this but I have been planning on writing this post since the last British Fashion Awards and I was determined to upload it. 

First of all, the red carpet fashion. With it being fashion awards, I had high expectations! First on my list, Victoria Beckham. Now, once again, when I heard she was going to be there, I had high expectations on what she would be wearing and she didn't disappoint! 

Victoria wore a beautiful suit jacket from her own collection. A black tuxedo with satin details; her trousers also had matching satin details down the sides. Victoria was nominated for best womenswear designer and unfortunately she didn't win. I was quite disappointed for her but I was also very happy for the winner, JW Anderson. 

I thought the best part of the night was when Jourdan Dunn won best model. Especially since she was recently replaced in the Victoria Secret's annual fashion show! Although I realise that this probably happens more often than I'm aware, I felt by her winning this award, it sends a huge a message to the casting directors that replaced her and anyone who doubted her skills as a model. I 100% think she deserves this award and I am over the moon for her. 

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it!
Bee xox

Thursday, 26 November 2015

What's in my make-up bag [November 2015]

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Currently my make-up bag is the 'Just Say Yes' one from the Zoella beauty collection. Inside I've been carrying around what I've been reaching out most for. 

I have two eye shadow palettes; one from Revolution and another from Maybelline. With both of these I am able to create some really lovely eye looks that are subtle and perfect for everyday. However, with saying that, it is also amazing for creating more glam and smokey looks. I have my holy grail mascara, Maybelline's Lash Sensational. I've said it before and I'll say it again... this mascara's formula is almost identical to Benefit's They're Real. 

Moving onto face products; I have my L'OREAL Paris True Match foundation in the shade Ivory (N1). This has been my favourite foundation for so long! It evens out my skin tone and doesn't make me look too oily or dewy, which has been a big problem with past foundations that I've tried. I also have Collection's Lasting Perfection finish powder and a blush that I have no idea where I got from!  

I have way too many brushes that desperately need cleaning! (Please don't judge me, I'll get to it I promise!) I also keep a Brushegg in there as well to get rid of excess product if I accidentally go overboard.

That's all for today! Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it,
Bee xox

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fashion of the week

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This week I've noticed a lot of great fashion! From the red carpet to just celebs just going about their daily lives... Near enough everyone looked amazing this week!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

MOTD: Subtle eyes with a bold lip

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Today I woke up and decided to play around with my make-up and create a new make-up look that I think I'm going to be wearing a lot throughout winter. I really love having a subtle eye look with a bold lip colour at this time of year. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Movie night OOTD

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Today my friend is having a movie night so I thought it might be a nice idea to do an outfit of the day! I don't do many of these but I hope in the future I can maybe do them more often. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rose gold eye make-up with a bold lip!

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About a month ago I bought the Revolution Iconic 1 palette and although the whole palette is great, there is one shade in particular that I have wanted to do a make-up look based around. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

October Favourites 2015

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Kate Moss by Rimmel London (shade 107)

This is 100% my holy grail lipstick. It's one that I enjoy wearing all year round but especially during winter/autumn because its a really deep pink-purple shade that everyone seems to love this time of year.

Lash Sensational by Maybelline 

This mascara is my new favourite! I mentioned it my previous post and I've only fallen in love with it more. It's very long lasting and incredibly comfortable to wear, which I think is really hard to find in drugstore mascaras.


Another thing I've been loving recently is my sketchbook! I've been trying to improve on my hand drawn skills because they're not great. 

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope to try and post more frequently in the future.

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mini Beauty Haul [Blogtober day 25]

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Recently I've bought quite a few beauty products that I've been looking to try out!

These are the Beau Belle Make-up Brushes! I've been hearing some really great things about these brushes and finally decided to try them out. I got the 12-piece set and I love them. They are so soft and feel so lovely against your skin. They also have their own holder which protects them really well and is great quality! I would 100% recommend these, they are worth every penny. 

Next up is Maybelline New York's Lash Sensational Mascara! Usually I find Maybelline's mascara's to be quite strange in terms of consistency and overall performance but I'm quite impressed with this one! I haven't really read anything about it so I may be making quite a statement here but I do think that this mascara is very similar to Benefit's They're Real mascara. I will be doing an overall review about it but so far it's treating me well.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Losing Inspiration [Blogtober Day 8]

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Losing inspiration is horrible and it, unfortunately, happens to most people at one point or another. It's actually been happening to me just recently. I don't know what to write about and I don't know how to write it. 

This little 'funk', as I like to call it, just so happens to have come along as Blogtober is starting. 

I've heard a lot of advice about how to get the inspiration back to start writing again; many including, taking a break, going outside and reading other people's work in the same field as your own.

There's no real point to this post. I'm just letting you know that most people lose their inspiration at some point and that's okay. You'll get it back in time and you'll be okay. 

Thank you all for reading and being patient with me with the recent crappy posts.

Bee xox

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Halloween Series on Redbubble [Blogtober day 7]

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October is time for many things; the leaves falling off trees, the evenings getting darker, and my favourite one... Halloween!

For this special occasion, I have designed three things to go up on my Redbubble! 

All of these designs will be kept up on my Redbubble profile up until the end of October.

Bee xox

Monday, 5 October 2015

Pop Boutique wish list [Blogtober day 5]

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It's officially the time of year where knitted jumpers and coats that don't quite fit right are what everybody's wearing.

Pop Boutique is one of my favourite places to buy stuff like this because it's like a discounted Urban Outfitters shop.

College Cardigan - navy 
This was featured in my 'Outfit inspired by Ashton Irwin' and it's been an item of clothing that I keep going back to. I'm not really a cardigan person; I only own one and I don't wear it too often. I think this would be perfect for autumn/winter time!

90's Viscose Spot Shirt - navy small spot 
This isn't really autumn/winter themed but I think it would look lovely with a pair of black skinny jeans. It's the type of shirt that you could dress up or down.

Anorak - mustard  & Mountain Parka - mustard
These coats are both really similar but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the mountain parka because the oversized look makes me feel so snuggly and warm.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox

Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Creative Process [Blogtober day 3]

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Unless I'm completing a 'write everyday' challenge, my creative process happens over three days usually. It's taken me a while to get into a good routine of writing and publishing posts without getting overwhelmed and maybe this will help some of you!

Day One

The first day is dedicated to spending time on certain ideas and gathering my thoughts into what I want to write about next. After this is done, I shall write a first draft and make sure that the idea is plausible. 

Day Two

The second day I shall take and edit photos that are relevant to the post. This could either be finding them online for an outfit review at award shows or photographing them myself for a product review. Although I don't feature photos in all of my posts, I think they are an important part of a blog. 

Day Three

Day three is dedicated to getting the post published and shared on social media! Before I click 'publish' I read through the text and check there's no mistakes (something I'm not very good at doing but I'm sure I'll improve). I also make sure the photos are in the correct places. 

Thank you all for reading, really appreciate it,
Bee xox

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Autumn lipsticks wishlist [Blogtober day 1]

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This time of year is my favourite because I can finally wear my dark red and berry purple lipsticks without the question 'you know it's summer right?' being asked every moment of the day. I'm currently on the look for some really pretty shades for this autumn so I created this wishlist.

I have been looking for a lipstick this shade for so long! I have one that is a little bit more pink but I think this one is just perfect. 

I absolutely adore purple lipsticks and I already have a few in my collection but this one is a little more purple rather than just a berry shade. 

This is such a lovely shade! I think this is more of a neutral shade that I'd be wear at college. It's also really different to the other autumn shades that I have so it would be fun to try. 

Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it so so much!
I love you all,
Bee xox 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Making a second twitter account? [Blogtober day 2]

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I've been thinking about making a second twitter. You might be thinking why on earth I'd make a second one because I never seem to be on my first one! 


Recently I've wanted to take part in the fashion blogger chats that happen over there but I have a lot of people that know me in real life following me on there. So I don't think they'd appreciate my spam of answers on their time line. 

Basically all my second twitter would be for is taking part in all the chats that happen! I haven't made it yet but it will be soon and I will let you all know as soon as it happens!

Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it so so much!
I love you all,
Bee xox

Thursday, 24 September 2015

August/September Skincare and Beauty Favourites

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This month has been an interesting month for finding new beauty products. Recently I have been trying out new brands and venturing out in looking for new products that are great for both skincare and beauty!

moisturiser from Heligan

While I was on holiday I went to a lovely place called 'The Lost Gardens of Heligan' and while I was there and looking in the gift shop, I found this moisturiser! At first I was using it everyday but it made my skin feel quite sticky all the time by day 3! Which I thought was a bit of joke but I then only started applying it after taking my make-up off and it's now one of my favourite products in my make-up bag! After taking my make-up off and applying this, it makes my skin feel really soft and back to its normal self. I also don't wear make-up everyday so I think that definitely helps too.

b. make-up wipes

I've seen these in Superdrug for a while now and I've always been intrigued because I've never seen a review on them or anyone talking actually talking about them? I've also never looked for one but that's besides the point. So I bought these as an impulse buy and I'm really impressed! I usually regret my beauty impulse buys within the first week of purchase but I really like these. And they're quite cheap too which, is always a bonus. 

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

This is a product that near enough everyone has tried and once again... I am late on the trend of using it. Truth be told, it was something I had to get used to but once this had passed I absolutely loved it. I used to apply foundation and concealer with brushes but I don't think I'll be going back to that. I've also heard from a few people that this is an amazing dupe for the classic Beauty Blender. I cannot vouch for this statement because I've never used a Beauty Blender but judging from the characteristics of both products they both seem very similar!

Thank you all for reading,I appreciate so so much!
I love you all,
Bee xox

Side note: I apologise for not posting in forever! I have been preparing myself for blogtober and concentrating on college too. That being said, normal posting should resume very soon.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

2015 VMA best dressed

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Honestly, I feel like the VMA's were a hot mess this year! So many crazy things happened that I still don't believe. 
Anyway, this isn't about what happened that night... because to be quite honest, we'd be here all day!

First on the list is Vanessa Hudgens. I think she was best dressed at the event! Everything about her outfit looked amazing; from her hair to her dress and right down to every last piece of jewelry. 

Cara Delevingne's outfit is another one of my personal favourites. I felt it was very chic and casual yet classy and red carpet ready.

And finally, Ashley Frangipane, otherwise known as Halsey showed up in this very lovely outfit that had everybody drooling. 

Thank you all for reading, I really do appreciate it,
Bee xox

Badlands Review

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On Friday 28th of August, the album Badlands graced our presence. Since this album has come out, I have been so productive! I finally made a proper start on my summer homework that I probably should have started about a month ago. 

Each song has been tailored to perfection to each tell their own story. Yet when they are listened to as an album they all make the stories come to life. It's almost like a movie in with the pictures. 

Halsey's lyrics are so powerful that they hit you and you really feel them. Some of the songs we've heard before, such as Colours, however this is first time we've heard a studio version of the song. There is also new songs featured on the album such as Castle and Control. 

Every song on the album is an amazing piece and I am so proud of what she has created.

Overall, this album is definitely worth checking out because the likelihood is, you won't be sorry.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Back-to-college Make-up look

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Products I used;
  • Maybelline New York "The Nudes" eye-shadows
  • L'oreal Paris "True Match" Foundation 
  • Collection "Lasting Perfection" ultimate wear powder
  • Collection "Bashful" blush
  • Love Me black mascara
  • Collection "Lasting Perfection" concealer
  • Maybelline New York "stellar pink" lipstick 
  • Maybelline New York "eye studio lasting drama" gel liner 
Although most days I will go to college with just mascara and concealer on, this is the type of look that I would do if I had a good amount of time in the morning before catching the bus.
Last academic year I wore quite a few dark lipstick shades however this I can already tell that I will be wearing pink shades all year round! 
Thank you all for reading, I really do appreciate it!
Bee xox
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Preloved Boutique mini haul and review!

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Right now I am on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall and near Newquay is a lovely place called Truro! I've been here plenty of times before but this time I found a lovely shop called Preloved Boutique.

This little shop made my day! Even after I got back to the campsite, I was still thinking about it. Everyone was really friendly and made the whole trip a really lovely experience.

Basically the Preloved Boutique is a shop where they take good quality pre-loved clothing from high street stores - such as New Look - and then sell it on. Wear and tear of clothing is at a minimum and if there is any, it is explained on the tag. 

I bought a New Look drop hem skirt and a New Look maxi skirt. Both of which were in excellent condition and the maxi skirt still had the original label attached!

I recommend visiting this shop 100% if you're ever in Truro. If you can't get to Truro then you should give their website a visit. They also have twitter and instagram.

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it!

I hope you all have a lovely day,
Bee xox

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

What I've taken on my holiday! (beauty) #30daywriter

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I'm finally on holiday! Yay!

Today I'm going to show what beauty products I decided to bring along with me because, although my make-up collection isn't very big, I didn't want to take it all. 

The bag I took is just a small travel make-up pouch that my sister gave to me because she had two! I managed to fit everything in here except for the body mist. 

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder
  • L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation 
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer 
  • Maybelline New York The Nudes eyeshadows 
  • Collection blush 
  • The Body Shop Almond hand and nail cream
  • Maybelline New York Brow Satin 
  • Love Me mascara 
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
  • Maybelline New York gel liner
  • Zoella Kissy Missy 
I honestly don't think I'll be wearing foundation most days, but I wanted to take it just in-case! However things like, mascara and eyeliner, I'm sure I will wear everyday!

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it!

Bee xox

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Halsey Outfit Inspired by! Day 24 #30daywriter

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Just like Ruby Rose, Halsey is another one of my fashion icons!

Everything that she wears... I wish that I could wear too. 
My favourite thing is the skater skirts! I found a few BooHoo that I really liked which you can find here and here
I also found another one from ASOS which you can see here.

It's common to see Halsey in crop tops as you can see above and below. I found two crop tops from ASOS that reminded me of Halsey so so much! You can find them here and here.

Not my GIFs, I didn't make any of them!
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Monday, 20 July 2015

Ruby Rose outfit inspired by! day 20 #30daywriter

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When season 3 of 'Orange is the New Black' came out on Netflix, everyone very quickly made Ruby Rose the apple of their eyes. 

Since learning about Ruby Rose, I have become very intrigued in her sense of fashion! Which prompted this outfit inspired by!

One thing I have noticed is Ruby wears basketball shorts A LOT! I found these from River Island that reminded me of Ruby so much! There were a few more that I saw on the River Island website but I also found these dungaree shorts from the New Look website which I also thought were very Ruby.

In terms of shirts/vests I found this, this, and this from River Island all of which would look good with the shorts or dungarees! 

If you're feeling the outfit isn't enough then you could piece it together with a leather vest or jacket!

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much I enjoyed making it! I'm going to leave you now with this GIF! (Which wasn't made by me!!!)

Lord have mercy!
Disclaimer: None of the images in this post belong to me

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