Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Wish List

at December 01, 2015

So it's finally December (what the hell???) and that means it's almost Christmas! Although my mother has been asking what I want since September... I think I finally know. 

When I was younger I heard that as you grow up, you'll no longer get the gifts that you want... but much rather the things you need! However, I am going to change that this year! 

  1. Moleskin Notebooks! (Seriously these are the cutest notebooks in the world!)
  2. Expensive makeup (I'm not going to get this, I know that.)
  3. More flannels! (Take a wild guess.)
  4. New shoes! (Okay, so I do need these...)
  5. Lots of books!
So that's about it! I don't expect to get everything I ask for because I think that's ever so slightly unreasonable.

I'm very sorry for the short post, I never really know what to say in these wish list posts but I'm sure I'll get there one day!

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox


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