Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas!

at December 29, 2014
Hello everyone!

You are probably aware that Christmas has been and gone by now and therefore that may explain all the new videos and blog posts explaining to their audiences what they got for Christmas. It also probably doesn't come to a surprise to you all that I shall be doing the same. I would just like to may a disclaimer to say that I am not bragging in any way, shape or form! I am very grateful for everything I have gotten for Christmas, I just thought that it might be nice to share it with you.

  • 'Fashion that changed the World' by Jennifer Croll
This is a book that I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time now and I am so so so happy that I can finally read it without a shop assistant yelling at me to inform me that their shop isn't a library. 
The book covers so many different categories of fashion that have happened over hundreds of years which includes, royal fashion, fashion photography and the one I am most excited to read about, feminism and fashion! 

  • Harry Potter: the complete film collection
Okay, so I know what you're thinking, 'why hasn't she already got them?'. It's a question many asked me when I told them that it was on my Christmas wishlist. Well... the truth is, I have never watched Harry Potter. Before you start to freak out, I would like to point out that I will be completing a Harry Potter marathon. Now you may proceed to freak out.

  • BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet in the colours Peach Club (04) and Grand Cru (08)
Peach Club: I wore this colour on Christmas day and I am so happy that I did because I absolutely loved it! I never usually wear pinks/peaches or anything with orange-y undertones and it is the only reason I wanted this colour. Throughout the day I only had to re-apply it once although I could have gotten away with not re-applying it. 

Grand Cru: I am going to wear this on Boxing Day (and probably New Years too) because this is a colour that I am most comfortable wearing. I love to wear shades of red and colours with purple undertones. 

I also got a laptop for Christmas as well, the main reason for this is because of college and this blog too. Hopefully now, I will be able to post more because I have my own work space (instead of always stealing my dad's laptop). 

Now that the festive season is practically over, I wish all the best to your 2015 and may it be filled with smiles and a lot of laughter. 

Thank you for reading, I love you all,
Bee xoxo

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