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January Favourites!

at February 01, 2015
January seems to have been and gone in a matter of seconds! Many people see January as a new start. Personally, I see January in the form of birthday cake! This month I celebrated my 18th birthday. my family, a few close friends and I all went to Nandos and it was AMAZING!!!

Anywayyy... this month has been filled with so many good things that it has taken me some time to decide what to include in today's post.

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the colour Peach Club
I put this in my What I got for Christmas post which you can find here. I adore this colour and is actually one of my favourite lipstick colours that I own. Although it is out of comfort zone as I don't usually go for pinks or colours with orange undertones, I'm so happy that I have because I can now be more daring with the colours I wear instead of just purples and reds. 

  • Grace's Guide and meeting Grace Helbig
This is definitely the number one event to have happened in my lifetime. I remember being 13-years-old and watching Daily Grace and never ever did I think that I would have the opportunity to meet her. It was, without a doubt, one of the greatest moments in my life. My friend and I waited in a queue for 4 and a half hours to meet the one and only Grace Helbig. And it was so worth it. 
The whole point of meeting her was because of a book signing. She wrote a self-help book called The art of pretending to be a grown-up. It is essentially one of the funniest books I have ever read and I think I represent everyone who were at the signing - as well as Grace - when saying that I highly recommend this book whether you think you need help pretending to be an adult or not.

  •   Fall Out Boy's new album
If you haven't heard it then go away and listen to it! Don'y worry about me, I shall wait for you.

Have you finished yet?

Ok, good! 

Now you'll probably agree with that this new album is pure genius and I am very happy that it happened. I think it's safe to say that the album mainly speaks for itself and therefore I shall leave this here...

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to advertise any of these products. Everything written in this blog post is my own opinion.

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