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Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Dress Collection

at December 06, 2014
Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Dress Collection

White dress

A line dress

Blue dress

Bamboo combat boots
$31 -

Vans shoes
$74 -

Vans shoes

Platform pumps

Lips makeup
$36 -

Eye makeup
$97 -

Liquid eyeliner

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Eye makeup

I need some inspiration for what I'm going to wear at Christmas so I decided it would be a nice idea to make a mood board of different looks so when I go shopping for my Christmas outfit, I'll be a little more decisive. 

Outfit 1:

No, I am not some crazy cat lady but I do really like cats and so when I saw this dress,  I had a mini heart flutter. Animal themed clothing never usually interests me but there's something about this dress that has me converted. (I think it's the bow tie). 

Outfit 2: 

I love this dress! It looks so elegant with the pattern on the skirt yet seems so chic with the skater skirt style. I also find the colours to be very intriguing as they're quite dark and fit with the theme of winter.

Outfit 3:

I realise that this dress looks like a young child's school uniform but in my opinion... It looks great! There's not much to say about it other than the fact that I really like it and it's probably my favourite out of the four.

Outfit 4: 

This is probably more of my sisters style because I'm not usually the type to wear stripes whereas she is, but the skater skirt pulled me in once again! I think this dress is my least favourite; if I was to buy it for Christmas it would probably be worn once and then not picked back up again afterwards so I think this one is a definite no.

I hope you're all enjoying blogmas so far! I'm sorry my posts are always up so late; I only click 'publish' when I'm connected to wifi, which is usually after 7pm.

I love you all, thank you for sticking with me, I really do appreciate it,




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