Thursday, 24 September 2015

August/September Skincare and Beauty Favourites

at September 24, 2015
This month has been an interesting month for finding new beauty products. Recently I have been trying out new brands and venturing out in looking for new products that are great for both skincare and beauty!

moisturiser from Heligan

While I was on holiday I went to a lovely place called 'The Lost Gardens of Heligan' and while I was there and looking in the gift shop, I found this moisturiser! At first I was using it everyday but it made my skin feel quite sticky all the time by day 3! Which I thought was a bit of joke but I then only started applying it after taking my make-up off and it's now one of my favourite products in my make-up bag! After taking my make-up off and applying this, it makes my skin feel really soft and back to its normal self. I also don't wear make-up everyday so I think that definitely helps too.

b. make-up wipes

I've seen these in Superdrug for a while now and I've always been intrigued because I've never seen a review on them or anyone talking actually talking about them? I've also never looked for one but that's besides the point. So I bought these as an impulse buy and I'm really impressed! I usually regret my beauty impulse buys within the first week of purchase but I really like these. And they're quite cheap too which, is always a bonus. 

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

This is a product that near enough everyone has tried and once again... I am late on the trend of using it. Truth be told, it was something I had to get used to but once this had passed I absolutely loved it. I used to apply foundation and concealer with brushes but I don't think I'll be going back to that. I've also heard from a few people that this is an amazing dupe for the classic Beauty Blender. I cannot vouch for this statement because I've never used a Beauty Blender but judging from the characteristics of both products they both seem very similar!

Thank you all for reading,I appreciate so so much!
I love you all,
Bee xox

Side note: I apologise for not posting in forever! I have been preparing myself for blogtober and concentrating on college too. That being said, normal posting should resume very soon.


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