Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winter Essentials 2015 (Blogmas Day 12)

at December 12, 2015

It's now December - in case you weren't aware - and winter is well and truly here. That means for me that it's time to make some changes in terms of beauty and accessories. 

First of all, like many of us, my lips get very dry and my new go to lip balm is the Burt's Bees 'beeswax lip balm'. I bought this from Amazon and it was very very cheap! I did try and buy the tube version but they were classified as 'add-on items', which was very frustrating but maybe next time. I usually apply this at night time and before I put on a matte lipstick. I'm not sure about the other flavours and scents but with this particular one, it makes your lips tingle as if you've been eating something minty!

This time of year I am all about dark vampy lipstick! My favourite one at the moment is Topshop's 'suspected'. Apart from the fact that this lipstick is the WORST to apply, I really like colour and I think it's incredibly longwearing. I do own two other lipsticks from Topshop, but this one is most definitely my favourite. I don't think I'll wear this on Christmas day - but I'll most likely be applying this at least once during the festive season. 

Along with dark lips, I also like simple make-up looks. Recently I bought Colour Tattoo by Eye Studio. I wear this all over my eye-lid and then put a matte shade in the crease and voila! I'm done!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed today's post. Apologies for not being able to keep up with Blogmas, this month has been crazy busy at college and I decided to put that as a priority. After Wednesday, daily posts will most likely resume!

Thank you all reading, I really appreciate it,
Bee xox 


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