Sunday, 28 August 2016

New Skin Care Routine - August 2016

at August 28, 2016
Hello Everybody! Welcome back to my blog!

Now... I have a confession... I've never been able to keep a skin care routine for more than a month. I am that type of person that just gets a bit bored of doing the same routine every single day and so I would inevitably just... give up! 

A lot of the time I would also be using products that weren't right for my skin type and they would make me breakout. Obviously, this made me stress out a lot which, would inevitably just stress me out more because I knew that it needed to get sorted!

Finally... In August 2016, I may have found a skin care routine that works for me! 

While on holiday in Devon, I went to The Body Shop. They were selling little kits of skin care products for different skin types. I think this was such a brilliant idea as there so many people - including myself - that struggle with skin care!

The kit that I was told that would be best for me and my skin was the cleanser, toner and moisturiser that is made with Aloe! I use this products every morning whether or not I'm wearing makeup and every evening after I take off my makeup. 


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