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May Favourites 2015

at June 08, 2015
I'm pretty sure I say this every month but I can't believe it's June already! This year is just going way too fast. Although, because it is now the beginning of June, that means it is time for another monthly favourites! 

TV and film
The Office US
Last month I was browsing on my Netfilix and came across a TV show called 'The Office'. I had see a few things on Tumblr about the show and thought it looked quite good so I decided to watch it. As it turns out, I binge watched the entire series during the month of May. I am now very thankful that I don't have exams this year. 

Connor Franta - a work in progress 
I bought Connor's book! In case you're not sure, Connor is a YouTuber. The cover of the book is so cute and lovely.The whole design of the book is very simple, yet elegant, which I love! I haven't read much of it yet but so far it's amazing! It's basically an autobiography with added extras. If you are a fan of Connor then I definitely recommend it! 

Cecelia Ahern - P.s. I love you  
This is an old favourite but last month I decided to read Cecelia Ahern's, P.s I love you! This is my all time favourite book, I could read it again and again. It's about a lady called Holly who is trying to find herself  again with the help of her late husband. It's such a sweet story and I love it.

L'Oreal true match foundation (N1, Ivory)
I won't say too much about this product because I wrote a review that I shall link here. I use this foundation most days and I still love it! Usually by now I'd have found something that I didn't like but everything about this foundation is amazing. 

That's it for today but thank you so much for reading, I appreciate so much! 
Bee xox

Side Note: In case you're interested, I have some exciting projects in the works! I can't say anything yet because nothing is finalised but watch this space!

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