Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trying out new makeup products!!! (First Impressions)

at October 16, 2016

Hello Everybody!!! Welcome back to my blog! 

So yesterday I went to Manchester to try and do some Christmas shopping and while I was there I decided that treating myself was an excellent idea! I'm going to make this post into two parts. In this post, I shall share with you what my first thoughts and in the second I'll show you the look I tried to create.

I haven't really bought new makeup in a while so I thought it would be nice to try and get some things that I could use for autumn. Not only that, I wanted to add to my growing collection of makeup. 

The first thing I bought is an eye shadow palette from Bourjois called Palette Les Nudes. Personally, I don't think I would call 'nude' shades, however, they are natural yet shimmery shades. My first thoughts were that they were really soft! The shimmery shades also don't have chunky glitter in them, which makes me very happy because my eyes are sensitive to things like that. 

Overall my initial thoughts are very positive but I do wish it had a few more matte shades. I think then it would be easier to make a full eye look out of this. 

The other things I got were two lipsticks from Max Factor. The first one was from the Marilyn Collection. This collection features classic red shades that Marilyn Monroe would probably be all over. I got the shade Ruby Red. The second shade is number 853 and is called Chilli. I really love the packaging of these lipsticks; I think it's very classy and doesn't look cheap. 
When I first applied them I felt the pigmentation could have been better, although, they do layer nicely and you can get great colour with them. 


Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate it!

All the love,
Bee x


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