Monday, 13 June 2016

Everyday makeup routine: June 2016

at June 13, 2016
Hellooooo my lovely friends! How have you all been? I have been busy busy busy at college trying to get all my work done. Hopefully, that is all sorted now and blog posts shall resume as normal. 

To try and make up for my mini hiatus, I am going to be blogging throughout the whole of July! I tried to do this last year and failed miserably but this time, I may go about it a bit differently. And by that, I mean I am going to queue some posts and also write through July too.

Anyway! Today I am going to be sharing with you all my daily makeup routine throughout June! 

First of all, I used my holy grail (do people still stay that...?) foundation L'OREAL Paris True Match in the shade N1 Ivory. I then added concealer. My go-to highlight recently has been MUA Highlight shimmer stick.

On to the eyes, I decided to use BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. I used a shimmery red shade all over the lid and then a bronzey/orange shade in the crease. It's very simple but I think it looks nice! On my brows, I have used the Maybelline Brow satin this is what I always use, it's just a basic filling in and setting product.

On my lips, I have the MUA Velvet lip lacquer in the shade velvet. When I first tried this product I was a little but unsure because the colour is incredibly pale and it's quite a bold colour to wear day-to-day. However, I do really like wearing it and therefore... I will wear it whenever I please. 

That's it for today! Thank you all so much for reading, I really appreciate it.

All the love,
Bee xox


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