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Alexa Chung - IT (book review)

at May 04, 2015
I've never wrote a book review but this book is too good to miss. This was going to go in my April favourites but I think I may have a little bit too much. So why not just write a whole review about it!

In case you're unaware, Alexa Chung is known for her fashion and her work with Vogue magazine. Many people - including myself - see her as a fashion icon and aspire to be able to piece together an outfit that looks effortless. 

IT is about her life and her fashion icons. Reading this book a great way to find out who Alexa is. The whole book contains witty anecdotes of what she likes. My most favourite is around a quarter way in and is about eyeliner. 

If you're not all into reading but Alexa Chung is someone you idolise then this book will be just fine for you. There isn't many words and most pages have pictures on them anyway. The pictures are some of my favourite photos ever. I would honestly use them as posters.

The best thing about this book is the layout. It is incredibly easy to read and will probably only took a couple of sittings to read this entirely. The language also isn't difficult to understand although there were a few things I had a google. But hey, that's okay.

Overall the book is just cute. I love it so much and would read it over and over again. I recommend it to anybody who loves fashion. 

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