Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Everyday Spring make-up look!

at March 31, 2015
I'm pretty sure this is my first make-up post so please...
bare with me!

As you will see in a moment, I'm not very good at the whole make-up thing. I basically do what I want in the hopes that I like it. Don't get me wrong... I love make-up! I'm just not very good at it, that's all. 

OK so, as you can see, it's pretty basic. This spring I am going to attempt to wear more natural colours for eye shadow and neutral shade lipsticks. 
I didn't put any bronzer on because, like I said, I'm not very good at the make-up thing and I also like my face when it doesn't have bronzer on.

The products I used were:
  • Topshop lipstick in the shade 'Secretary'
  • Love Me Makeover essentials eye shadow basics pallet 
  • Collection lasting perfection, ultimate wear concealer in the shade 'fair' (number 1)
  • Collection lasting perfection, ultimate wear powder in the shade 'fair' (number 1)
  • Body Shop smokey black eye definer 
  • Little Mix by Collection full on mascara (One of the best mascaras I've ever used)
  • Collection blush in the 'bashful' (number 2) 
The brushes I used were from Real Techniques.

Thank you for reading, I love you all,
Bee xox

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