Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A/W Wishlist! 2014

at October 22, 2014
Hello Everybody! I'm pretty sure the last time I uploaded something was around three weeks ago and, of course, I apologise for that. Over here in England, it's getting cold. Really cold. And although none of us really wanted to believe it but, winter is coming and it's time to put the extra layers on so that we don't all freeze to death. What better way, though,  to get in the mood for the upcoming frosty morning that creating autumn/winter wishlists! *Three cheers for woolly jumpers*

Dark Grey Faux Fur Collar Split Hem Boyfriend
Coat. £54.99

The likelihood of me buying this is next to nothing. Although it looks absolutely gorgeous, I already have and already wear too much dark grey and black. It's probably best that if I want to get of that habit, then I really shouldn't purchase this and go for something with a bit more colour. However, as I'm typing this, I can already see the different outfits I can wear this with while sighing dreamily.

Dark Purple Bobble Stitch Zip Black Jumper £19.99
This jumper is so simple and cute! I love jumpers like this because they go with anything and everything. They keep you so snuggley and warm and are perfect for this time of year. It's this type of knitwear that everyone adores at one point or another and right now, I am hooked.

Khaki Contrast Leather-Look Sleeve Hooded Parka £54.99
It's almost winter, and over here where I'm stood, the wind is so strong, it's about to knock me right off of my feet. Last year, I couldn't stand the thought of having to wear a parka. They really didn't appeal to me. However, this year, when it started to get a bit colder and the heating in the house was being switched on, I though why the heck not. Suddenly, my sisters parka was disappearing and now I think it's time to get one for myself. After searching high and low for the perfect match, I found this lovely one.The thing that caught my eye was the colour, it's so interesting and different, I love it.

That's all for today, share with me what your autumn/winter wishlists are, I'll be more than happy to take a look. Remember I love you all and thank you so so much for reading. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

I love you all,
Bee xox

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Disclaimer: All of these photos are from the 'New Look' website. Everything of what I say about the products is my OWN opinion, I am not getting paid to say anything.


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