Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Outfit Review!! 5sos at the VMA's

at September 03, 2014
After watching the VMA's, there were many people that caught my eye with their dazzling outfits and amazing hair! However just four boys were able to make me stare that little bit longer with the attire that they chose to wear. They go by name of 5 seconds of summer (or 5sos for short) and they are absolutely dashing! 

DISCLAIMER: None of the photos show in this post are mine. I found them all on tumblr and belong to their rightful owners. 

I think we'll start with this photo. As a whole it is pretty clear that they all belong with one another. If one wasn't their, it would feel rather awkward. I personally love that! 

Let's start with this cutie! His name is Calum Hood and as you can tell from the photo... He is fiiiiiiine! The most loveable thing about what he's wearing is that without the jacket it could be seen as a very casual and laid back outfit. Something you'd wear to go shopping. However, on e the jacket is on, it looks like a red carpet outfit! I've always loved people that can dress like that. 

Moving on to this great guy, this is Ashton Irwin and if you didn't know already, he is a blazer guy. I also love to wear blazers but I feel not many could pull off this blazer matched with Ashton's famous bandana. Just like Calum, if you take off the blazer then you have a normal everyday outfit that you could go shopping in! All-in-all Ashton looks damn good in a blazer and bandana.

Next up is the lovely Luke Hemmings whose hair is famous for adding three inches to his height. In my opinion Luke wearing leather is probably one of my favourite things in the whole world! I'm confident in thinking that the 5sos fam shall back me up on this in saying that Luke in leather is bloody awesome and should happen more often! I also adore his shirt, I think it suits him not only in his looks but also personality wise too.

And last but certainly by no means least, is the very colourful Michael Clifford. Out if the four, Mikey is probably the most punk-rock and this red carpet outfit only proves my point that little bit more. My favourite thing about Mikey's outfit is his accessories! I'm a big fan of bracelets and his really complete the outfit. I love that he's also wearing guy liner! I haven't seen anybody wearing it for a while especially on the red carpet too so nice one Mikey *thumbs up*. 

On the whole 5sos were dressed very well at the VMA's and this has been such a fun experience. Commenting on people's outfit isn't usually my 'thing' but I love these guys and I didn't have anything bad to say. 

I love you all and I'm going to leave with this edit, I hope you all have a lovely day/ afternoon/ evening. 


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