Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Best Song Ever series- Veronica

at July 08, 2014
Best Song Ever series- Veronica

Mango white top
$77 - mango.com

ONLY pencil skirt
$37 - only.com

Black shoes
$48 - pureshu.com

MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Part 3 of the best song ever series is 

finally here! And this week I've chosen

Veronica who was played by Zayn


This weeks post is literally my favourite

out of this series because of how classy 

it is. I feel like this outfit is for the people 

of the business world. However if you 

want to wear this on just a day out, I 

won't be the one to judge you because 

you are your own person that can wear

whatever they choose to wear. 

My most favourite part of this outfit is 

the shirt! I love the style of it simply 

because you can wear them with 

almost anything. 

I don't think I've ever included make up

in a blog post before but I feel like a red 

lipstick which is bold will really compliment 

this outfit. Do be careful with red lipstick 

though, if you're new to make up or don't 

wear it often, try and go light with it to 

begin with. 

Love you all lots and lots like jelly tots,

I hope like this outfit.

Bee xxx

P.s. There should be some news coming out 

either later this week or next week about the 

position of the blog.

Also make sure to tell your friends about the blog 

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