Friday, 6 June 2014

Please Read :)

at June 06, 2014
Updates for you all!!

You may have noticed that I haven't 
updated in over a week which isn't 
like me at all. 

There's nothing wrong or going on, I've 
just been trying to sort a few things 
out to try and get my blog out there 
and to excel.

I also have a couple of announcements!

First of all... My YouTube idea is on hold 
as you may or may not have noticed. There 
is no real reason for this, I would just like 
to concentrate on other things right now. 

Secondly! I have been working on a very 
special thing for the fellow directioners that
read my blog. Right now that REMAINS A 
SECRET. But I shall give you a clue and that 
clue is Veronica. ;) 

I also have a third announcement which is that
I am a firm believer of young people having a 
voice and speaking up. Every so often, I shall 
choose a topic and talk about what I think about 
the chosen topic. 

 Every time one of those issues gets posted I shall
put a disclaimer at the start and end saying that
it is AN OPINION and you may or may not agree
with what I say. 

If you read that all, thank you :) 

Bee xxx 


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