Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Best Song Ever series (Harry Styles as Marcel)

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Best Song Ever series (Harry Styles as Marcel)

Open front cardigan
$43 -

Mango white blouse
$77 -

High waisted pants
$145 -

River Island ankle socks
$6.80 -

So here it is!!!

You probably already guessed what I was 

planning but I'll explain anyway...

For the next few weeks I shall post a different 

outfit for ALL the different characters in the

Best Song Ever music video as well as the boys'


The first one I chose to do is Marcel the marketing 

guy played by Harry Styles.

This outfit involves a lot of browns and beiges which 

is possibly one of my favourite parts of this 


My most favourite part though is the cardigan. As 

of lately, Aztec style patterns have been what I live

for (not literally lol). 

Anyway... I hope you are just as excited as I am

for this series because I've been working super 

hard on trying to complete it. 

Bee xxx 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Secret Admirer- Toni Williams outfit inspired by

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Secret Admirer- Toni Williams outfit inspired by

Monki white t shirt
$14 -


Unfortunately there is no photo

of the original outfit but basically, 

Toni Williams is a character in a

film called Secret Admirer. You 

could easily argue that it's your 

typical best friend love story. 

The film was made in 1985, so I 

tried to concentrate on what they 

would wear then, as well as looking 

specifically at what Toni wore. 

This outfit is very basic and takes little

to no effort to prepare. 

Have a lovely day, 



Friday, 6 June 2014

Please Read :)

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Updates for you all!!

You may have noticed that I haven't 
updated in over a week which isn't 
like me at all. 

There's nothing wrong or going on, I've 
just been trying to sort a few things 
out to try and get my blog out there 
and to excel.

I also have a couple of announcements!

First of all... My YouTube idea is on hold 
as you may or may not have noticed. There 
is no real reason for this, I would just like 
to concentrate on other things right now. 

Secondly! I have been working on a very 
special thing for the fellow directioners that
read my blog. Right now that REMAINS A 
SECRET. But I shall give you a clue and that 
clue is Veronica. ;) 

I also have a third announcement which is that
I am a firm believer of young people having a 
voice and speaking up. Every so often, I shall 
choose a topic and talk about what I think about 
the chosen topic. 

 Every time one of those issues gets posted I shall
put a disclaimer at the start and end saying that
it is AN OPINION and you may or may not agree
with what I say. 

If you read that all, thank you :) 

Bee xxx 

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